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Call Us Free: 1-865-660-4231

Membership & Marketing

We are a member driven association comprised of both veteran-owned businesses and non-veteran-owned businesses that wish to be involved in the business community.

Our marketing mission is simple – to help our member companies grow and expand by highlighting and showcasing their products and services. We celebrate the veteran business owner and we understand the mentality and sense of purpose that separates the veteran from the rest of society. Failure is never an option, and our members demonstrate that every day.

We understand each other. We are like-minded business owners that can discuss military strategy, duty assignments, tanks, jets, submarines and battle battalions. In the next conversation we can discuss cash flow, marketing plans, HR issues, and teaming opportunities.

Just like our military service, our membership is very diverse. We have businesses that specialize in highly technical environmental remediation for the Department of Energy, unexploded ordinance clean-up for the Department of Defense, overseas construction, beer cheese manufacturers, high level leadership training, recruitment, financial planning, project management, landscaping, and light home improvement.

We encourage young veterans to become entrepreneurs. We offer an informal mentor-protégée program that matches a seasoned business owner with the up-and-coming stars in the business community. We understand we must take care of one another.

We have a tiered membership plan with 5 levels of opportunities: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Regular Members. Diamond level is reserved for veteran-owned companies only. Each level of membership offers different benefits and advantages.

In order to help our members grow and connect with one another we offer the following opportunities:

* Monthly Networking events with various guest speakers.

* Monthly Education and Training events.

* Annual Bicycle Event and Benefit Concert – June

* Annual Meet and Greet with Elected Officials – July

* Annual Golf Tournament, Co-Sponsored with the Air Force Association – October

* Annual Business and Education Expo with Career Opportunity Fair – January.

All of our events are a great way to meet your fellow members and get connected with the local veteran business community. See our Calendar of Events for our next networking opportunity.

In order to highlight and showcase our members, we have created a comprehensive online member directory. This is the only database of its kind in the entire country. This unique marketing tool is a searchable database that contains all of our member companies. The pages may contain coupons, videos, picture slideshows, and job postings.

Check our Online Member Directory at

Click here for “TVBA, What’s in it for me – 10 Reasons to join the TVBA”

Click here for our online membership application

Click here for information on our Annual Business Expo.

Click here for our Calendar of Events.