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Call Us Free: 1-865-660-4231

TVBA Annual Expo

We are now registering for the 2014 Annual Expo

Click to view the 2013 Annual Expo

January 28-29 2013
Knoxville Convention Center - Knoxville, TN
165 Exhibitors - Over 3,000 Participants

Click to view the 2012 Expo

January 23-24 2012
Knoxville Convention Center - Knoxville, TN
145 Exhibitors - 2,000 Participants

Click to view the 2011 Expo

January 24-25 2011
Rothchilds Conference Center - Knoxville, TN
111 Exhibitors - 1,000 Participants
Our Annual Business Expo is a one of a kind event that combines all the aspects of the TVBA into a high energy and fantastic event!

We bring the business community together to celebrate the veteran business owner.

* Business-to- Business type trade show and Networking Event

** All companies are invited to attend (Veteran and non-veteran Owned)

** Product and Service Showcase

** Business to Business Networking

** Find Teaming Partners and Sub-contractors

** Breakout Sessions

** Reasonably priced booth space so that all small businesses can afford to attend.

* Veteran Career Opportunity Fair

** Since we have all these great companies under one roof, we decided to add a job fair type event

** Bring a sales person and an HR person to speak with potential candidates

** Your company DOES NOT need to be currently hiring to attend, this is simply an additional part of the event.

* Education Symposium

** All local colleges and universities are invited to attend.

* Veteran Support Organizations

** All local veteran support organizations are invited to assist veterans in attendance.

* Military Units and Recruiters

** This is a military showcase, and we ask for the local military units and recruiting offices to set up a booth. The men and women in uniform provide an extra level of energy and excitement.