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Veteran Employment Issues

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Veteran unemployment is proving to be a national epidemic. According to the Department of Labor, the unemployment rate of veterans that served at any time after 9/11 is 12.1 %. The unemployment rate for all veterans is 8.3%.

The TVBA is committed to tackling this issue in East Tennessee. We feel the best solution to this problem is to place the veteran business owner in the middle of the issue.

We are in the process of developing an internship program for veterans; please stay tuned for more details.

Veterans make reliable and hardworking employees!

* Accelerated Learning Curve: Veterans have the proven ability to learn new skills and concepts.

* Leadership: The military trains people to lead by example and through direction, delegation, motivation and inspiration.

* Teamwork: Veterans understand how genuine teamwork grows out of a responsibility to one’s colleagues.

* Efficient performance under pressure: Veterans understand the rigors of tight schedules and limited resources.

* Respect for procedures: Veterans have gained a unique perspective on the value of accountability.

* Integrity: Veterans know what it means to do, “an honest day’s work.”

* Triumph over adversity: In addition to dealing positively with the typical issues of personal maturity, veterans have frequently triumphed over great adversity.

* Tax Credits: There are several federal tax credits available for hiring veterans.

* Marketing: Hiring a veteran could make a great story for your company..