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Call Us Free: 1-865-660-4231

Why Join?

Our number one goal is business development and helping you grow your business!

In order to accomplish this mission we offer a wide range of member benefits.

These benefits are open to all members. If you are interested in becoming a Champion Partner, please contact us at and we will discuss the enhanced benefits associated with this exciting opportunity!

View our Ten Reasons You Should Join.

Marketing and Business Development

  • Member networking and business development with referrals to potential clients.
  • Professional Website with Full Member Directory, News and Events. Site averages over 1,000 hits a month.
  • Opportunity to purchase ad space on the TVBA website to help your company gain more exposure.
  • Media/Marketing Kit that is presented to potential sponsors, media outlets, elected officials, government agencies, and other businesses helping your brand gain exposure.
  • Bi-Weekly newsletter with Featured News, Member Spotlight, New Member Mention and Helpful Business News.
  • Annual Veteran Owned Business Vendor Day that attracts over 100 vendors and 1,000 participants.
  • Regular radio ads promoting the TVBA and its member companies.
  • Regular local and nationwide press releases and articles of interest promoting the TVBA and its member companies.
  • The TVBA will Exhibit at local and national conferences and trade expos helping to gain exposure for your business, and keep you updated on current events.
  • Access to a Marketing Intern assigned to the TVBA that can provide low cost assistance in developing a marketing plan for your company.


  • Discounts on Website and logo design and creation.
  • Discounts on printing.
  • Many of our member companies offer special discounts to other member companies.
Education and Training

  • Regular education and training opportunities that cover a range of business topics and guest speakers.
  • Mentor Assistance for small business start-ups services.
  • Annual Survey for members to request educational opportunities and topics.

Group Community Involvement and Representation

  • Opportunities to volunteer in the local community with other veterans – Habitat for Humanity Build in April 2011.
  • Private audience with local and national elected officials – Dinner with Congressman Duncan in April 2011.

Group Advocacy

  • Advocacy and educational outreach at the federal, state and local levels.
  • Focus on appropriations, authorizations and federal procurements.
  • Interface through forums, letters and public comments’.
  • Active Government Relations Committee.